Randal Stevens (Roger Johnson) has pictures of himself next to a welcome sign in every state except for Alaska. After finding out that the Alaska sign is to be cut down by the end of the week due to the controversial Alaska Beautification Act Randal takes off for Alaska. He has to travel four thousand miles to the Alaska border so he can finish his collection before the sign is gone forever. Also staring Addriene Lindstrom & Michael S. Johnson.

Shot on 16mm film for under $25,000 the film has shown in Park City Utah at the No-Dance Film Festival and had its official World Premiere at the Minneapolis St. Paul International film festival in 2000. Rob Nelson of the Minneapolis Saint Paul City Pages called "Welcome to Alaska" "... highly good-natured, and impossible to dislike this comedic Blair Witch bears out its makers modest wishes.. 'We want people to leave with a smile on their face".

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